COWS VS ALIEN 2017-04-05T00:37:55-04:00

Project Description

Cows vs Aliens

“A fun tower defence-style game: herd your cattle into a barn before the UFOs get them.” — Chris Taylor,”

There are aliens in your barnyard! It’s up to you to herd your cows as quickly as possible into the barn before aliens capture these unsuspecting heifers!

– Named’s “Daily App”!

– Named “App of the Day”!

– Rated “Addictive”!

– “Coupled with the interesting control mechanic and compelling scoring system, Cows vs Aliens has totally reeled me in.” — Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade


Get those cows into the barn! Push those aliens off the cliff! Sounds easy, right? Wait until you try it!

Maximize your score by swiftly herding the magnetic Magic Cows, the Alien exploding Dynamite Bulls, and the ever-elusive Golden Calf!

Watch out for the tricky Teleporting Aliens, the impossible to move Boulder Aliens, the super-sneaky Disguised Aliens, and the dubstep-blasting DJ ET!


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