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Project Description

Little Metal Ball

Little Metal Ball is the ultimate top-down full-tilt platform adventure

Little Metal Ball is the ultimate top-down full-tilt platform adventure and is now the perfect game for the iPad.

XMG Introduces Little Metal Ball HD! Based on the original, #1 Worldwide app, this new version is optimized for the iPad and lets you see even more of the 60 amazing levels! Little Metal ball HD includes all of the original LMB levels plus 20 new levels introduced in LMB Gold and LMB HD.

********** “LMB is good, simple fun, and is great for quick pick-up-and-play sessions… LMB is a great little
game that demands attention.”


Lean in and enjoy hours of fun and addictive gameplay through 60 huge, beautifully illustrated, action packed levels. Explore 6 unique worlds, designed to delight and torment.

Race against the clock, shatter your best times, and go for gold, collecting time bonus powerups along the way. Do you have what it takes?

* 60 awesome levels, packed with challenging puzzles, twisted labyrinths and dynamic lighting
* Precise tilt control and physics, built from the ground up and tuned to perfection
* Gold, silver and bronze record times for each level
* Jumbo and micro ball pick ups, super charged cannons, elevators and more


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